This girl definitely looks like Skrillex.

Anonymous said: Is there a relation between girls that look like Skrillex and lesbians? Most girls who look like Skrillex I know, are lesbian!

homophobia at its finest everyone *slowclap*

my best friend looks like skrillex ay yi yi yi

Anonymous said: Damn son, ya'll are blind or either retarded. Seriously, none of these people look like skrillex.

Sorry I can’t see what you wrote through my Skrillex glasses

Anonymous said: This page is bull shit no one here looks like Sonny, seems like you aren't a true fan to think every fucking person with a side cut and snake bites (Which is closed) looks like him. Like hell no bitch you're fucking crazy to think you and everyone else on this page looks like him. Go back to liking Justin Bieber or some gay ass fag. Stupid ass cunt.😂😂😂😂😂

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This is my best friend :)

This is my best friend :)